The complete guide to become a successful freelancer

Apr 9, 2017

The complete guide to become a successful freelancer

You ever wanted to be your own boss ? You hate to follow the typical routine everyday ? Need to take a vacation whenever and wherever needed ?

Freelancing can give all that plus even more, you be your own boss, work from anywhere at any time you want.

As a freelancer, you can even choose what jobs you want to take and what client seems to be good enough for you.

You can make a good living by just working as a full time freelancer.

However it’s no brainer that every good thing has it’s own challenges.

In this guide, I will walk you through a journey of my own personal experience in my freelancing career since 2009.

To get a good stable life while having your main source of income from freelancing jobs, you need to understand how to deal with the freelancing life challenges.

I’ve worked in multiple jobs and shifted my career multiple times till I’ve finally settled down to do what I love the most.

Freelancing is the only way for me to work comfortably, this my real comfort zone, so let’s get started :

Your Guide for a successful freelance career :

Episode 1 : Freelance Facts and How to get started

Episode 2 : How to choose the right freelance job

Episode 3 : How to write a killer cover letter ( Coming Soon ….. )

I’m currently working on the next episodes of this guide, Stay Tuned !!

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Hesham Fathi
CEO of Codovia

Hesham is a full-stack web developer, working in the field since 2009, also holds Communication & Electronics Engineering BSC degree.

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