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How to Build SEO Marketing Strategy For Your Business

How to Build SEO Marketing Strategy For Your Business

  To start optimizing your website and busting out your content, first you need to come up with a strategic plan to get things done the right way, I will start by explaining a short version of the steps to follow for optimizing your website and get it found online. Each step will have a ...... Read More
Ultimate SEO Guide : Get your website found online

Ultimate SEO Guide : Get your website found online

  You ever wondered how Google shows those search results each time you are searching for something ? Why exactly the results are in that specific order ? Or you ever wondered how can you get your business's website or blog found online ? The short answer for that is SEO “ Search Engine Optimization ...... Read More

Which way to go ?

Well, the ultimate question for me was, people start as an employee then revert to freelancer ? the opposite ? or even they do both ? well, for me and for most of the freelancers i met so far we all started as a full-timers then a full-timer and freelancer, but on a certain trigger point ...... Read More

The “Try” Word

Its normal to hear your client saying lets try this color or lets try to put this pic in this particular spot and see how it look , and thats very normal and might happen with all of your project but the problem will pop up when you start hearing it alot and here comes ...... Read More

Clients Changing Their Mind

Well, its really funny that when a client change his mind after tons of work is done on his site and suddenly you receive a message that saying "I don't this ease out effect i want to fade away" and he is talking about the slider which taken alot of my time to integrate to ...... Read More

My First Blog Post

Well, its like my hello world blog post finally, after a full year that i didn't find the enough time to work on my (more…)Read More