Ultimate Guide For Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

May 12, 2018

ultimate guide for small business


Starting your own small business as an entrepreneur can be a very confusing process at the start.

Starts are always a challenging phase and takes deep thinking and preparations to pass it and build your business on a solid ground.

During my journey in business world which I still on it, I’ve seen and learnt alot from my mistakes, experience, and from others as well.

This guide is meant for small business owners or for anyone planning to build one, based on my own experience and researches:

Chapter One: 5 Factors Of Success For Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs

Chapter Two: Being Prepared…

The rest of the guide is being prepared now, stay tuned…..

About The Author
CEO of Codovia
Hesham Fathi
CEO of Codovia

Hesham is a full-stack web developer, working in the field since 2009, also holds Communication & Electronics Engineering BSC degree.

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