Clients Changing Their Mind

Dec 4, 2013

Well, its really funny that when a client change his mind after tons of work is done on his site and suddenly you receive a message that saying “I don’t this ease out effect i want to fade away” and he is talking about the slider which taken alot of my time to integrate to the site and its based one easing out JS programming and you have now have to redo the whole thing as its just simple step, so you gotta explain to the client its not that easy to be changed like this simple and will take much time to be changed but he know nothing about technical issues like this so you gonna end up doing it again on your own with no bonus for redoing it howerver its the clients fault as he changed  his mind and wasn’t clear enough from the beginning …..  yea it happens …… just learnt to be more specific when asking my clients about what they want the design to be before even start anything .

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