Ultimate SEO Guide : Get your website found online

Mar 22, 2017

The Ultimate SEO Guide


You ever wondered how Google shows those search results each time you are searching for something ? Why exactly the results are in that specific order ? Or you ever wondered how can you get your business’s website or blog found online ?

The short answer for that is SEO “ Search Engine Optimization “, SEO is basically how you optimize your website for the search engines and the content for humans to be found online when someone is searching for a specific keyword, plus getting the word out and making a reputation.

Before getting with SEO marketing you just need to understand that it’s an ongoing process, and it’s not a cookie-cutter solution for online presence.

Here is a full guide to understand how search engines works and how to use that to enhance your online presence, get leads to your businesses, traffic to your blog and the list is mostly unlimited, so here is the Chapters to follow in order :

Chapter 1: What is SEO and Why is it important for business ?

Chapter 2: How to Build SEO Marketing Strategy

Chapter 3: Auditing Your Website

Chapter 4: How to do Keyword Research

Chapter 5: How To Write a Compelling Content

Chapter 6: How to Build Backlinks

Chapter 7: Being Prepared Now…………

The Rest of the guide is being cooked now stay tuned………………………………….

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