The “Try” Word

Dec 13, 2013

Its normal to hear your client saying

lets try this color or lets try to put this pic in this particular spot and see how it look

, and thats very normal and might happen with all of your project but the problem will pop up when you start hearing it alot and here comes the troubles the worst nightmare when your client don’t even know what he want you try to show him some sample to get a clearer look of what he wants but the problem is he just want his site to look nice and thats it, so the first thing you will ask is which of the following design you like and you start showing him some sample you have done or even show him some live view random themes samples and you will be happy if he likes couple of templates so that you will start working on a particular taste base of the client so at least now you know what he is looking for, so you start building the site and get the pieces together to show him and booom

I don’t like this style actuall lets try another one

And thats exactly what i mean its normal for the client to do this but not after he chosen the style he likes as its easy to change color pics or  even places on the site but not the whole style, so my only advice for the freelancers out there its better for you to detemine the client type first then decide which method you will start woking with him

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