Which way to go ?

Feb 25, 2016

Well, the ultimate question for me was, people start as an employee then revert to freelancer ? the opposite ? or even they do both ? well, for me and for most of the freelancers i met so far we all started as a full-timers then a full-timer and freelancer, but on a certain trigger point we leave it all to become a full-time freelancer !! which is my current case.

Its so obvious why people revert to freelance world, you always want to follow your passion and do what you love to do most, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it as an employee as in fact it depends on your needs and intention, for instance some times you feel like freelance is like building up your dream instead of building somebody else’s dream, in fact that can be seen in start ups, take a time to visit a start up and see how they work in a team but they seem like a one mind and body that’s synced perfectly and the reason is obviously is the “Why ?” its why you work in a specific field ? why you work in a specific position ? why you wanna have your own start up ? why you wanna work for a specific start up instead of a famous company ? why you provide a specific service or product ? Simply its your belief !! that’s your biggest and main motivation, its everybody’s motivation indeed.

however freelance world is not heaven its simply like any other type of business, it has a large set of advantages like being your own boss, do what love to do, follow your dream and much more, however its has a dark side too, for instance closing a deal or even marketing yourself in a competitive field can be a real nightmare for you, i have tried almost all the job boards around the globe an the main problem was competing the low prices offered by freelancers for big projects and the clients that wanna have a BMW car for 20$ YES, my example looks so silly but the real world of freelance can be even worse, the beginners that’s only look for getting a project or two just to hop into the freelance career and they don’t care about how will return back with a huge bad effect !! you should never do what you good at for a cheaper price than what you actually deserve and clients need to understand the difference between low and high experienced freelancers too as each will offer his own service for difference price according to the quality of what he/she offers.

I’ve been freelancing since 2009, I’ve tried many job boards and been facing a lot of problem from scam clients, low quality jobs, the boards that’s only operate for the client’s favor and even worse than that till i came across Toptal Web Engineers Community, its where i can find high quality serious clients looking for a high quality experience freelancers, that’s where i can find a serious software projects where clients care about the quality and i can have a steady rate of work.

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CEO of Codovia
Hesham Fathi
CEO of Codovia

Hesham is a full-stack web developer, working in the field since 2009, also holds Communication & Electronics Engineering BSC degree.

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