Benefits of E-learning:

  1. Appropriate convenience student and Lecturer.
  2. Flexibility gives the learner a full options to participate as desired.
  3. Impact and effectiveness as a proven research on E-learning system that is equivalent to or exceeds the impact and effectiveness of the traditional education system when using these techniques.
  4. Estimated affordability for many forms of E-learning doesn’t cost a lot of money.
  5. Multi-sensations as there are many choices in ways that connect course, including course television and interactive computer programs and course recorded in cassettes.

The main advantage of E-learning is Geographical Exploitation

The student and the Lecturer does not need to be present in one place to exchange information. The student could read or listen to or even watch a lecture of the Lecturer electronically on-line via the Internet, even though the student at home or in a country other than the country where Professor is. The Lecturernow can publish his online text or audio or Visual online from home or from a country other than the country in which it exists.