Freelancing Facts And How To Get Started

Freelancing Facts And How To Get Started

Millions of professionals joined the freelance world and the numbers is going up on almost a spike rate, it’s becoming more and more famous work-style and actually it can be considered more as a lifestyle.

To simplify things to you, consider freelancing as a work without a boss because actually you will be your own boss, you will be able to work from anywhere, you can even work while traveling or even on the beach enjoying the view, you will be also able to work at any convenient time for you and prepare for a vacation at any time you want.

But Wait, don’t get warmed up so fast, all that come at a price, you don’t leave your day job and jump to freelance world unless you have secured your freelance sales funnel first.

Freelancing can afford you a steady income and a great life only if you doing it right, as it’s also known as a risky way of work that can only be secured by the freelancer himself.

The good news is you won’t have to quit your full-time job just to try the freelance career, actually a fair percentage of freelancers work as both full-time employed and freelancer as well, as you can keep your full-time job and take some freelance projects aside till you get to the point where freelancing can afford you a good living, at this point you can shift to a full-time freelancer.

The most difficult stage of any business is the start, obviously most of the fresh freelancers share the same question, so here is the answers for your concerns :

How to get started with freelancing career :

1. Choose your field :

One of the main reasons why professionals shift to freelancing is to work in the field they love since they might be working in a field they don’t really like or even working in the field they love but not the way they want.

Also you mainly need to consider how good you are at your chosen field, learning a technology you never used before to build up a project while you are on the project probably won’t end up in your favor.

Don’t ever think that a specific field can’t be outsourced as you will be amazed by number of the new fields that currently being outsourced which didn’t even exist previously.

Also most of fresh freelancers get too worried about their skills, you need to know that all level of skills are required in the freelance world, there is tons of jobs waiting to be done out there with a need for different skill-set and every client is looking for different level of skill as well.

So even if you have a small experience but eager to learn and develop you skills, you still can get some work, but you will need to invest in yourself, learn more, read more, work on some dummy projects or even build up some projects from tutorials, also take some outsourcing jobs that meet your current level of skills. with time you will get better skills and more experience while building up your freelance career.

You might also think that most of freelancers are either graphic designers or developers and if you are none of them then you won’t be able to get some work, well, let me tell you again, every single skill/craft can be outsourced as long as you put your efforts and passion in it.

2. Enhance your Online presence :

Even if you are a very talented freelancer with a large skill-set and a good long experience, all that won’t bring your target clients to you unless you make it easy for them to find you.

There is too many online outlets for freelancers to showcase their skills and maintain a fair online presence that can land more freelance jobs.

One of the main source of Freelance jobs out there is the freelance platforms like :,,,, .

The most famous freelance platform among them is ( since 2016 Elance and Odesk merged into Upwork ) and we will dedicate a full article to introduce Upwork.

Beside the freelance platforms you can also use the professional social media like LinkedIn, also having your own website is crucial to show your past history, experience, testimonials and your skills, having a website is generally essential for any business to be found.

3. Support your profile by testimonials :

As a freelancer there is nothing more important to showcase your skills more than your past work and past client’s testimonials.

The client who is trying to find a proper freelancer for his/her project is mostly more concerned with your past work and your past client’s testimonials than your skills, as it’s hard for the client to tell if you are really good as you saying or you just pretending to be ?

With a good portfolio that’s supported by a good high rated testimonials from your past clients it will be much smoother for you to get more jobs to outsource.

4. Let the game being !!

Once you choose your craft, build up your profile, Now it’s time to dive into the real market. Freelancing is basically a game of numbers, the more clients you have, the more connections you can keep the more stable your career will get.

Since now you are ready for the market then it’s time to know how to get into it, first start by knowing your prospects, who are you really targeting and who is your dream client.

Start pitching for jobs and submit your proposal that fits you, we have dedicated article to show you how to land more freelance jobs, keep in mind that the more proposal you submit and the more you reach out to your clients, the more jobs you will probably get, but don’t forget that a well tailored proposal for a good targeted prospect is more important than the amount of proposal you submit, and will also dedicate a full article for creating a good proposal that really works.

Final conclusion :

No one was born as a successful freelancer or entrepreneur, if they could make it to that world then you can do it too.

It’s all about hard work and dedication, so don’t give up on your dream no matter how hard it seems, and remember no one will care about your dreams or goals like you do, so it’s your responsibility to make it work.

Start by finding what you good at and would love to do, build up your online presence, support a good portfolio with testimonials, keep reaching out to your prospects, invest in yourself and maintain good connections with your clients.
Do you still have any concerns or questions ?
Post it in the below comments/discussions, freelancers always love to share their experience, so we will be waiting your comments and it will be great if your share your experience with the freelance community.

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