How to get more freelance jobs on Upwork ?

How to get more freelance jobs on Upwork ?

Picking up the right freelance jobs to apply for on Upwork can get really confusing at the start, since they merged Elance with Odesk you can easily note that the number of jobs created significantly increased and the amount of applicants became enormous as well.

So how would you know which job to apply for ? considering that you have a certain amount of connects to spend ( unless you have a premium membership then you can buy more connects to use ).

And not just the connects that will be wasted but also the time spent on reading the client’s specs, requirements, attached materials, looking around if you will use some type of tools, checking the project’s scope, determinism the budget and deadline for the quote then writing your proposal.

So as you can see it’s really time consuming to write just one single professional proposal and of course we are not talking about the copy-paste template proposal since you really need well tailored cover letter to land a good jobs on Upwork or any other freelance platforms and we will talk about this in the upcoming articles.

So here is the main factors for choosing the most appropriate jobs to avoid wasting time, however please note that some of those factors may vary according to your industry and goals :

  1. Did the client verify his payment method yet ?

    Upwork payment method verification is a crucial sign to know how serious the client is ?
    If he/she didn’t verify his payment method yet then mostly he is not ready yet to start the project or even maybe he is just looking for free quotes/proposal just to know how much it would cost him to establish his project.

    May be the client is not intending to start yet, maybe the project is just in the idea stage as any one might have tens if not hundreds of ideas that came to his mind by chance or even some idea that he saw by himself working fine for someone and he just wants to know how much would it cost to establish it for himself.

    The Conclusion : if the client didn’t verify the payment method then mostly this project is not really serious and hence you should not submit your proposal and save the connect for another project

  2. Check when the job was posted :

    well, you supposed to do more research about the client’s profile but first you need to know if does really worth it or not.
    Since Upwork currently have tons of freelancers almost in any field, so once the job is posted you will find a ton of applicants already applied and the client mostly won’t be able to go through all those proposals so he will mostly read the first ones only.

    Once the client post his project on Upwork he will be eager to start it and maybe he will just pick a candidate from the first applicants and won’t wait till the right candidate that he really needs to show up, which is another reason to consider when the job was posted.

    You will find most of the famous industries crowded with freelancers so you mostly have few hours if not minutes to apply to be one of the first applicants so the client will have the chance to review your proposal otherwise you will be wasting time and effort.

    So, is there an optimized timing to consider ? well, it still depends on your industry and your targeted clients as well since if you are looking for clients from USA then try to be active with Upwork within their working hours not before or after since that will be the most appropriate time to land a project.

    Also if you already have submitted your post and after few days or a week the client didn’t choose a freelancer yet then mostly he won’t and it can be a good chance to withdraw your connect to save it for another project ( by the time of writing this article this feature is available but not sure if it will be the same in the future ).

    The Conclusion : Old jobs with tons of applicants is a bad sign and enough for you to skip the project, even in fields like web development a job that’s posted since more than 1 hour doesn’t worth the proposal.

  3. Do more research about the client :

    Since payment verification is not enough to consider the client, you will need to go with further research.

    At First, you will need to check the client’s past review by the other freelancers and if he has some bad or poor 1 to 3 stars reviews by the past freelancers that worked with him then mostly he won’t be a good client for you unless you have a solid reason to think that those freelancers made a certain mistakes that you can avoid to make this project work out just right.

    Also check how much did he spend on Upwork since mostly the more the client spend on Upwork the more serious he is, even if this is not always the case.

    The amount of completed jobs, cancelled jobs and currently running jobs is a crucial sign for you to consider as well, as the more jobs the client has cancelled the more likely he is not an easy to please client.

    Also check his reviews given for the other freelancer and if he is mostly giving 1 to 3 stars reviews for the past freelancers then consider skipping his project and again unless you have a reason not to.

    Clients that tends to repeat hiring the same contractors are mostly a good fit for a long-term work which should be your main goal for a solid career in the freelance world, so that’s another thing you need to consider before applying as well, however quick turnarounds are not bad and won’t hurt your reputation as long as you can do it within the deadline and budget.

    The Conclusion : clients with lots of low rate given to the past freelancers probably won’t be the one you looking for.

  4. Check the project/job requirements relevance to your area of expertise, can you get it done within the deadline ? Can you work with something close to the client’s proposed budget ?

    At the beginning of your freelancing career you might tend to apply for projects that don’t really worth the time and effort that will be spent on it just to build up your portfolio or gaining more experience in certain field.

    Personally I don’t encourage working on a project unless it’s really worth my time, so if you just starting your career and trying to get more freelance jobs then instead of working on a job that doesn’t pay your minimum wage you can use that time and effort to learn or developed your skills.

    And for your portfolio you can simply make Some dummy projects just to showcase your skill set and the good news is you can even sell those dummy projects later or use some parts of in future projects/jobs.

    So the next step if the project budget really worth is to consider if it really suits your level of skills ? Is it a project that you would love to participate with ? Are you really sure you can cover all aspects of the project within the required time-frame ? What is the proposed budget by the client (if he already proposed any) ? Is it close to your bid or its real far from it ?

    Answering above questions will help you to decide if that project really worth your proposal.

    The conclusion : projects with requirements beyond your level of skill, budget is lower than what you can work with, unrealistic deadlines or generally not what you would love to participate with are not a good for you to apply.

Final conclusion to land more freelance jobs :

Before applying to a freelance job on upwork check the client’s seriousness, payment verification, the project’s posting time and a quick check for the client’s profile.

Landing projects on upwork or any other freelance platform can be a game of numbers so the more proposal you submit the more projects you will land and of course that should be done for your targeted segment.

If you are new to the freelance world and just establishing your career then instead of taking projects that doesn’t cover your minimum wage, invest in yourself, develop your skills and make dummy projects to showcase your current skills.

Share your experience with the freelance community :

If you have any rules on your own or a freelance story with your past clients please share it with us, also if you disagree to any of the above rules please share it in the comments sections so we can help the freelance community with your experience.

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