How to set the perfect marketing strategy for your business?

How to set the perfect marketing strategy for your business?

The marketing strategy is actually the most common and the most used expression in the business’s field.

Do you think that you know everything you need to know about the perfect marketing strategy?

Do you think that you are looking for the right standards while putting the business’s strategy?

Choosing the right strategy for your business is more like deciding that you want to achieve success through its shortest way yet the
most tiring one.

It is the backbone of your business’s plan, and yes to answer the question which just popped up in your mind which is there a difference between plan and strategy? there is a difference.

And while reading this guide, you will find so many more answers to all of the questions that you have.

The world of business and planning has so much to offer for you while drawing the perfect strategy for your brand.

So first lets shed the light on everything which is related to this topic.

What is the meaning of a strategy?


It is the art of having a good plan that serves your business growth.

It is a couple of actions that are mainly designed to help you achieve your business’s targets.

A something in which you put all of your efforts in order to have a perfect business plan that
will help you to achieve your desired future.

And there are no specific standards for any strategy.

What is marketing?

So before talking about how to set the perfect strategy, firstly we have to know more about the marketing itself.

Marketing is more about studying how to manage every small detail about your business and the relationship between your business and the others in the field.

It is also about studying how to get into a good competition in the market.

Some people may put a different definition for marketing which is that marketing is all about a set of instruction and information on how to win your customers and improve your services in order to satisfy them, and we can add to this definition that marketing has a
huge and effective role in winning new clients in the sales circle.

And here comes the most common question that you may ask yourself as someone who is interested in the field of marketing.

Is marketing considered as a modern study or it has an old history?

History of marketing

If we are talking about marketing today then we will be talking about how technology gets developed to serve peoples’ needs which is trading.

So basically, if you asked about my opinion about the history of marketing, I would say that it is the development of the way people
are buying and selling goods from each other.

Also, I myself would add that I consider this kind of study as a civilization by itself.

A civilization that is based on setting some rules in order to facilitate reaching for people to trade.

So let us take a look at how marketing developed through the years till it had reached what it reached today.

The concept of this civilization started when there was a need to find a way to sell the products, and
back then during the industrial revolution when it became so much easier than the era before it.

In addition to that, industries’ owners also played a big role in the trading process when they decided to cooperate with the traders to reach more consumers’ base in the market.

The history of marketing and advertising

The industrial revolution created new selling forms and paved the way for them.

The traditional forms

Advertising prints: it started back in 1450 and this form made it easy for the traders to reach their consumers.

The magazines: it was the normal progress of the prints, and the first magazine was released in 1730.

The posters: The first poster was hanged on the private properties in France in 1839.

The Billboards: people started to use billboards for advertising in 1867

The technologist forms

Ads on the radio: due to the fame of the radio, business’s owners started to play ads on the radio in 1922

Ads on the tv: people started to reach out for televisions to show off their ads in 1941

Telemarketing: it is a kind of form in which there was a combination of business and telephones to reach more customers, this was during the 1950s.

Ads through mobile phones: thanks to technology, new marketing methods took part in the market.
This kind of marketing was enabled through the internet such as guerrilla marketing, e-commerce promotions, and etc.
And this kind was between the 1970s and 1994.

The modern forms

Search marketing: this kind of marketing depends 100% on the internet, it started in 1995 when a business’s owner and companies decided that it was necessary to reach more consumers, so the search marketing was born to reach more traffic on the website.

Blogging: it started in 1998 and now this is counted as the most famous kind of promotion and marketing, it depends on sharing personal experiences with others via a blog on the internet.

PPC” PAY PER CLICK”: in 2000, companies started to pay a little amount of money per click on the advertisements.

Social Media Marketing: with the huge popularity social media platforms got in the past couple of years, it becomes easier day after day to share information about a specific product.
And it has led to creating new job roles such as social media influencers and bloggers.

Google Analytics: this kind is only important for business and websites’ owners.
It allows them to know information about their customers so they can get better knowledge if they are good at meeting their needs or not.

This was the normal progress and development of marketing through the years, and as you can notice that it has a very important role in the business world.

As someone who is already working in this field you will be aware of the marketing role, but since as someone
who is interested to take a step in this field, you may not be aware of every single detail about it and this is our role.

So let us discuss the role of marketing, and how it can affect your business’s growth?

The role of marketing

Every business owner must think of how the business can score high and remarkable progress in a very short time.

Progress in which you can promote your business’s or your brand product in a way that can attract clients
to your brand.

This whole progress is called ”Marketing”.

Marketing has an indirect and a direct effect on your business growth and the number of your business sales.

It makes you always research on your sales illustrations and that will determine how
your company is planning for the production process in the future.

Through marketing, you can also learn more about your potential clients, which will definitely help
you to understand the market’s needs.

Also, marketing allows companies’ owners to test their new products and their new services, so they can see if it is
successful in the market or not and if its really meeting people’s needs or it is just a matter of time.

With the good marketing system, your company or your business will have a better chance to develop its sales plan,
and later you will be able to develop your own marketing strategy after understanding the market itself.

The marketing strategy concept

marketing strategy

The strategy is the heart of any business and it is the backbone of any growth.

The main purpose behind it is to achieve your goals and satisfy your customers.

The strategy is counted as the second part in the business process after the business plan, actually, it is a part of the
the business plan itself.

We have seven main concepts in any marketing strategy, which we have to abide by them in order to achieve better results.

Shall we give the name ”Marketing Mixture’‘ to these concepts, and there are different
points of view when it comes to their numbers, some people say that they are 4 and the other group says that
they are 7.

Besides these concepts, there is one more important thing that we must put into consideration
while setting down any kind of a strategy which is taking the actual decision, and shall we give it the
Decision making” name.

So now, let us discuss each of these sections.

The strategy sectors

The marketing Mixture

It is the first part of the marketing strategy cycle.

Important steps are included that we are going to talk about it to let you understand,
in order to have a good plan.

But first we need to know more about the history of these seven steps.

These concepts were created by someone called” E. Jerome McCarthy” and they got published
in his book in 1960.

And now it is the time to know what is the difference between the 4ps and the 7ps of marketing?

The 4ps: they were specifically designed in a time when businesses used to sell their
products only not their products and their services too.

Back then, the role of customer services wasn’t that good at all due to it was well-known in the first place.

So at this time, they were only the product, promotion, price, place.

The 7Ps: later on, after the huge growth in the business field, 3 new concepts were added to the
previous 4 and they are the physical evidence, process, and the people.

And we have the 7 ps and this name because they are all beginning with P.

1- The place: In order to score high in a good competition, you have to study and search your market,
and to search for your customers.
And you have to ask yourself what are you targeting?

You have to research good channels to sell your products.

The gist of this point is that you have to give due care while choosing the market,
area, or the place that you are going to sell your products.

2- The product: this is one of the most important steps.
And you will solve this by just asking yourself some questions.

You have to know what is branding.

What kind of products you are going to offer for the market?

Are the products really useful?

How is the design going to be? and how you are going to package the products? how the image is going to be?

How is the quality of your product?

You have to know the features of your products.

3- The price: yes, it is the way in which you value your brand and your products, but you have to put in your consideration
some important points.

Does the product really deserve all that money?

Will the customers’ value this product the way you do?

How much you are looking up to?

The price has to match the importance of your product.

You also have to select the ways that people are going to pay through.

You need to know how much discount you are going to offer your customers and on which products.

4- The promotion: this step itself consist of several points, that we are going to gist it in a couple of questions.

What are the message and the service that your product offers at the market?

Are you going to sell your product in a direct or indirect way?

How is your awareness campaign going to be?

How you are going to tell the customers about your products and the services?

What is the role of each member of your marketing team?

How about your after-sales services?

How your customers are being treated after buying your products?

You need to care about your PR section.

5- The people: it is all about studying your customers and the people that your brand is dealing with.

You need to know their characteristics and their culture.

6-The Process: it cares about customer services, the IT section, research and the development.

7- The physical evidence: this step includes your company’s staff, the experience of your brand,
your online experience, and last but not least the product packaging.

So when using that marketing mix model in your business strategy you have to be careful while
auditing each step, and it is not safe at all of your plan to ignore an area unless it is completely done.

now it is time to know more about the other section in the marketing role.

The decision-making section

This section is all about every single person who has a role in the selling process.

After understanding the Marketing mixture section, each member of the marketing team must know their roles
and after all they must figure out the best way to communicate with people.

Your marketing team must also know how to identify the customers in order to offer them the best service.

And people are categorized into these kinds:

The decider: this is someone or a group who decides that they actually want your product.

The buyer: this is someone who actually minds the buying process such as agents or the customers themselves.

The influencer: someone who has an active role in helping and convincing ” The decider” to buy your product.

The user: it is someone who is actually using your product and benefit from your services.

So all we can say about this section, that it 100% depends on the people who are working at your company.

Those sales and people who are responsible for promoting your product have an effective role in the purchasing step.

The marketing types

There is a huge difference between forms of promotion and the types of marketing itself.

When it comes to types of marketing, we will be discussing a more specific point.

Two different types with different plans and different strategies but with the same targets.

These two types are” Outbound and Inbound marketing

And we will be discussing each type with its strategy, whether its a marketing strategy or a sales one,
also, we will discuss the difference between sales and marketing strategies.

The outbound marketing

This type of marketing is about the traditional old ways of promoting.

In outbound marketing, your plan and marketing strategy depends on the very basic knowledge you know
about your potential customers.

Outbound marketing includes most of the traditional forms such as television, radio marketing, prints, and telemarketing.

After collecting some personal data about your clients, all you have to do is to set up a good business plan
and this part we will talk about it later just after getting to know the other form of marketing.

The inbound marketing

This is the second form of marketing methods.

This form of marketing helps you and facilitate the road for your business to attract more customers to your brand.

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing depends on all the possible modern ways to
reach customers.

The modern ways which make it easy to attract customers to stick with your brand.

It also depends on creating more chances for your brand to compete in the market, and find out some modern
solutions to the problems which may face your business in the future.

Inbound marketing comes into many ways that allow you to promote your products such as social media,
content marketing. SEO, and etc.

Let us give a quick brief about the forms of inbound marketing in case some of you don’t know them and after that
we will have a better vision so we can discuss the different strategies of these two forms of marketing.

Content marketing:

through this method you can share visual media such as video and photos.

Also, you can write some social posts that represent some useful tips about your business’s field.

It gives you a chance to write long articles and guides which people can easily benefit from.


these letters refer to the second method in inbound marketing which is ”Search engine optimization”.

It is an organic kind of method that makes you able to get more traffic from the search engine tool.

It is the step in which people will be able to find your brand and your content.

Your blog is your image that represents your whole concept and your brand.

SEO helps you to have a full report on your website insights.

Your blog must always be so informative and updated to answer all of the expected kind of
questions that your customers may ask or may have the curiosity to search for them on the internet.

And this is not only some random talk but based on a study that long articles are more useful than the
short ones and their performance are so much better.

Social media websites: it is one of the most important inbound marketing methods.

And understanding the social media role helps in your strategic growth.

It represents the best form of communication you could have with your customers, you usually
post something on your social pages which lead them to interact with you, they comment, ask for what
they want to know, and eventually give you feedback about your brand.

Regardless of all of these but it has an extra point that it helps in after-sales services.

E-mail marketing:

this form of inbound marketing is kind of formal and sensitive.

Through E-mail marketing you are able to send some personalized messages to your clients.

This is considered as a late level in your inbound marketing’s list.

It also considered as the lowest in the cost but the most powerful when it comes to building
strong relationships with your customers.

Since we are done explaining the two forms of marketing, so it is time to know the difference
between both strategies.

The strategy of inbound marketing

inbound marketing

Every marketing kind has its own strategy that is a little bit different from the other one.

The inbound marketing strategy is considered the most common strategy in the business world.

This strategy consists of some levels which must come in orders to
achieve better results.

These levels work on attracting visitors in order to make them loyal customers.

Yes, the inbound marketing strategy is a little bit difficult and complicated if you put it
in comparison with other forms of strategies.

Every company and a business’s owners must put in their consideration while setting up
an inbound marketing strategy these four actions which they are” Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight”.

So let us discover the hidden gems in each step of these.


At this level, all of your attention must be on how to attract as many people as you can
and turn them to be your customers.

And attracting people requires too many well-planned steps with suitable content creation.

In order to achieve that you must follow some steps.

Start blogging:

Nowadays, Social media is considered as the world’s most famous customers attraction way,
so start your business’s blog will be perfect.

Setting your desired audience will make it easy for you to predict what are they going to answer,
or what they are going to take a reaction to.

To create a whole new blog is not an easy job so you must make it very catchy, informative, and
fun to follow.

Figuring out the perfect time to publish your posts helps in increasing your traffic and engagements with people.

Be an active bee on the social media community:

As we mentioned above that social media became a part that cant be parcel in our lives and that
it has its own superpower which attracts people to your brand.

You just have to search for the perfect times to be active on the social platform to make sure that you
already reach as many customers as you can.

Don’t make your posts on social media depend on only one form like long written posts.

No, your posts must include photos, articles, short social posts, and videos.

Always remember that the attract stage is a relationship between two, you and the customer,
so you have to pay attention while answering their questions and responding to their feedback.

Last advice, don’t rush things because building a strong community on social media platforms
takes time and building a trustworthy relationship takes time.

Make keyword research:

Keyword research is the most trustful way that let you know if your buyer persona is
searching for your brand or your products.

Also, making a well-studied research helps you to find the words which they are perfect
for your brand.


As we said before that these stages are coming in orders, so the convert stage is the second we got
in our inbound strategy.

It is obvious by its name that in this stage you must work on converting or turning your
website’s visitors into customers.

In order for better performance in this stage, you have t get your customers’ emails.

Like any other stage, the converting step has some special tools such as( CTA, Landing pages,
Contact information, and etc.)


In other words it is Calls to action.

Your blog or your website is not a complete work unless your customers are making an actual action.

This action can be a” Call now” or” Send a message” buttons on your Facebook page, or it can be a link of
your website that is attached to your social media posts.

Landing pages:

This is a web page that is designed as an entry gate to your website or an entry to a specific page
on your website.

This page has a special form that helps you to collect more information about your customers.


In the third stage we have got in the inbound methodology.

And this step comes when you get to turn your leads into happy and satisfied customers.

Through the right marketing tools, the closing step will happen at the right time as it is supposed
to be scheduled in your strategy’s plan.

The” Marketing automation” and” CRM” tools are the most famous in this stage.

The CRM system:

The CRM refers to” Customer relationship management”.

It is a system that through it you can control and manage your brand interactions with your customers
in the present and those ones who are expected in the near future.

The CRM helps you to track each and every single action which is being taken with your brand,
and it helps in collecting information about your consumer base.

The marketing automation tool:

It is not just a regular tool, it is more about a designed platform that through it you can
manage all of your marketing campaigns.

We mostly use this tool along with the life-cycle of the marketing strategy.


Now it is time for the last stage in the strategy of inbound marketing.

In this stage, you aren’t just done by the moment your customer is all happy and satisfied just right
after buying your products.

No, this stage is all about developing your brand loyalty.

And to get this goal done you have to keep satisfying your customer by showing them
their value and that they actually matter even after buying your products, hoping that they would
come back.

Your target in this level must be satisfying your customers until they reach a moment when they
become your brand promoters.

Surveys are an important tool in this stage in addition to social monitoring and smart content.

The smart content:

The smart content tool gives you a chance to live a unique experience that is specially designed
for your website visitors at this moment.

Social monitoring:

This tool makes you able to have access to know about people’s opinion about
your products and your services.

These are the basics to set up a good marketing strategy if you are going to go along with the inbound
kind of marketing.

Now it is time to dive in and get some information about the outbound strategy.

The outbound marketing strategy

outbound marketing

The strategy of outbound marketing is so much easier than the inbound one but it doesn’t
have the same effect.

And because of its traditional concept, you will find yourself following very simple and
low-cost strategy in your outbound marketing business plan.

The television, radio, and newspaper

As you can see, these are a very simple way to use it in your strategy in order to promote
your products or your services.

Promoting your business via television or radio is such a different concept.

It allows you to create a campaign that is mainly designed to be promoted via channels,
whether they are tv channels or radio ones.

Like it was mentioned at the beginning that the outbound strategy may be not that expensive,
but also it is not that effective especially with all of these social media platforms.

It may seem too boring for people.

The outbound Email

In this strategy, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Your sales team and your marketing team, both of them together are responsible for the
outbound emailing step in your strategy.

But each team has specific goals to achieve.

The sales team must put a target to close more deals with your brand’s customers.

The marketing team must find new and creative ways to find mutual communication
between your current clients and the new ones.

These are the two kinds of strategies that we have in the marketing field,
and every business has its own strategy.

And yes, maybe there are two companies which are producing the same
products and promoting the same services but each one of them is using a different strategy
that is suitable for its conditions.

What is the difference between strategy and strategic management?

The strategic management

It is more of a whole system to control the curves your business is going through.

Strategic management is like a system with some fixed goals to guide your steps in your
business plan.

To make it very clear, if a company sets up a specific budget for some projects,
then the strategic management should put all of the effort to monitor all the staff, employees,
and all of the company’s teams in order to achieve the business plan’s targets.

The strategy

This is the time to answer the most frequently asked question when it comes to the business field,
is the strategy a part of the business’s plan?

No, these two expressions are completely different and we will discuss this later on, but to give
a meaning to the word” Strategy” we can say that it is some well-studied measures.

A business strategy allows you to achieve your business’s targets.

Now, let us discuss the real gem which is the difference between the strategy and the plan.

What is the difference between the plan and the strategy?

Knowing the difference between these two words is the real hidden gem in the world of business.

The strategy

Let us agree on something at the beginning, that strategy is the big boss that rules everything in
the business.

Your business only need one plan with well-organized operations which will help
in the business growth process.

You have to identify and decide whether you want to set up one goal or several goals.

You need to figure out every single detail about your resources, your skills, and your financial standards.

Also knowing your obstacles from the very first beginning will help you to put a better
the strategy that can overcome those obstacles.

Putting in your considerations other alternatives and what is the best option for your business
will absolutely have an effective role in your strategy.

Thinking about the time when will you have to achieve your targets.

All of these are some useful tips which you have to think about while putting your business strategy.

The plan

A business can have more than one plan to go along with each stage your business
is going through.

Your plan must include some steps which may help in developing your growth and
achieving your goals.

You need to know all of your business’s tasks.

Setting up a monthly plan will develop your performance.

Creating a schedule for every week gives a chance to have a better vision.

Also having a daily schedule will keep updated and close to your goal.

If you got this point very clear then your way to success had been cut short.

Setting up a strategy

setting up a strategy

After almost being introduced to each single and small detail you need to know about the marketing
strategy, then it is time to know how to set up the marketing strategy itself.

The tips are divided into two groups, general and technical ones.

The general tips

1- The one who is going to set up the plan must work with a team that has the most professional
members, so they can focus on producing the best strategic marketing plan.

2- Asking for help won’t hurt and it is not something wrong, but your strategy details must
remain in your company

3- It is more than okay to have a drafting paper to write down all of your ideas and suggestions,
if you didn’t use them for now, maybe you will need them later.

But after deciding on the ideas for your strategy, you will need a good working copy.

4- Your first working draft s very important, you have to show it to your head manager,
or to the business’s owner.

They must be updated with every single step which is being taken from the beginning
to have their approval.

5- Being updated with other business strategies is very important, you can takes notes
from this but developing them will absolutely be an extra point for your business in the market’s competition.

The technical tips

1- You must present a quick brief about your company or about your business, this brief must be
very informative about each detail that will concern the people, and this should be on a
very high level.

2- You must have a signature page that contains the managers’ signatures and approvals of all
the strategy’s firms so they can abide by it

3- You must know your business outline very well, starting from the company’s history to the products, services, and accomplishments.

4- Your strategy must describe the role of your company, your concept outlines what you are
expecting in the distant future, and your staff describes your value and the image of your brand.

5- An analysis of your strategy is an important step that you must pay attention to it, this step
provides you with very serious points you have to know like your weakness, strengths, your business’s upcoming
opportunities and the obstacles that you may face in the future.

6- Make a list for your business’s strategy in general such as your target of having a market share and
highlighting those specific tactics helps you to improve your strategy.

7- Putting your actual working plan.

8- Knowing your financial budget is a must, it clears up your resources and how much you actually
need to achieve your goals.

Also, your plan must describe your activities and what do you expect in your next fiscal year.

9- You have to make sure of measuring your process once in a while.

10- You must find a way how you are going to communicate with other companies in the market.

11- Delivering your brand’s message at the right time to the right people is such an important thing to
achieve success, also, depending on the right people who will deliver this message is important to
you have to make sure that your plan won’t fall in your competitors’ hands.

These are the most common tips that you need to give attention to.

Of course, there are so many more than these and that depends on each mentality and skills,
but this was just an overlook that you can consider as a guide for you.

A strategy map, what do you know about it?

It is an illustration that shows the simple communication between the strategy’s targets.

The strategy map counts as one of the most important firms to achieve business growth.

This map is also being used to think of how to create value for your brand.

Mapping your strategy is so much better than writing it down because most of the people you are
dealing with are” Visual learners” so they will get your strategy map in a very good way.

Also, the development of the mapping process helps your staff to have a good working
atmosphere through trying to achieve and understand the strategy’s terms together, plus
it makes your team members understand how they contribute to this operation.

Small businesses and big companies

Of course, there is so much difference between strategies when it comes to small businesses and
big companies.

Small business

Small businesses are completely different from large ones even in what they require to achieve success.

So for someone who is going to establish a small business, you need to follow a few tips
which will absolutely help you setting up your strategy.

1-Hire a small but professional team:

Due to that small businesses’ owners can’t afford to hire too many employees, so trying to pick
the best of the best will give you an extra point.

And as Jim Collins said before,

you need to get the right people on your bus before you start driving”.

2- Learn from your competitors in the market:

This tip isn’t only for small businesses only, everyone who is involved in the business’s field must pay attention to the competitors in the market.

And even after creating your business’s plan, there will be so many questions that you must ask yourself.

Do you need to know how your plan is doing? how your competitors are doing? what things that you must avoid?,
and what can you add to develop your strategy?.

3-Spend your time on the organic ways:

The road to success starts with an organic way to communicate with people.

There are too many kinds of organic ways starting from Facebook to content marketing and SEO.

Working on the SEO will definitely improve the rank of your business and communicating with the potential customers
and answering their questions will give a good feedback about your brand and customer services.

4- Target your ideal clients:

It is good to have a large consumer base but it isn’t healthy for your brand at the beginning.

But small businesses have to take care who are they attracting, you need to attract those ones who are going
to engage and interact with your brand.

It is more than okay if you don’t have enough money to attract more people but at first, it is important to attract the right ones.

The big companies

Actually, there are no specific tips for the big companies since they are already in the market for years and
know exactly how to set up a good strategy.

But they care about how many employers they have in each team because of more professional employees
is the more progress you will achieve in a very short time.

And big companies always care to provide the market with more products, supplies, and services to a wider
variety of clients.

The conclusion

The marketing strategy is very simple to study if you got it right from the beginning.

It is not a modern study but it had started years ago and it includes too many kinds.

Yes, the modern form of marketing is more effective but you just can’t ignore the
importance of the traditional ones too.

Nowadays, we almost solve and reach everything through marketing, it has the authority
to control your business growth in every single and each detail in a direct or an indirect way.

The strategy itself is considered as the backbone of every startup and every big company.

You can’t achieve any success without a very strong strategy behind it.

The marketing mix thing is all about 7 concepts that must work together and in orders
to achieve the target.

The 7ps are ” Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence, and Process

Also, the Making decision sector is a very important stage in the strategy concept
which can control all of the selling operations.

People in decision-making stag are categorized into 4 groups.

The marketing has two forms the inbound and the outbound.

Inbound marketing is more expensive but more effective than outbound marketing

Each form of marketing has its own strategy that is completely different from the other one.

There is a huge difference between strategy and strategic management.

The strategic management is a whole system which is mainly created to measure your business
growth curve.

But the strategy is all about some well-studied actions and movements to
achieve the target.

Also, strategy and plan are not holding the same meaning.

The plan is a part of a business’s strategy.

Setting up a strategy for your business requires too many things and there are many tips
to make sure that you are doing that in the best way.

These tips are divided into two groups, general ones and more technical.

For someone who is starting a new business or for all the startups out there, your strategy
is completely different from those who own big companies.

Small businesses need to focus on how to gain more customers but the big companies focus
on how to offer the market ore products and services and increase their selling chart.

Last but not least, to understand the study of a business’s strategy needs time, patience,
passion, and to be committed to achieving a specific target.


What is the strategy?

It is a couple of actions that were mainly designed to achieve your targets.

What is marketing?

Marketing is about studying how to promote your business and manage every single small detail.

What is the traditional types of marketing?

Advertising prints, the magazines, the posters, and the billboards.

What are the modern forms of marketing?

Search marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and google analytics.

What is the role of marketing?

Regardless of promotion, it has a huge impact on your business's growth.

What are the strategy sectors?

They are marketing mixture and the decision- making.

What are the 7ps?

They are product, price, place, promotion, people, process, physical evidence.

What are the types of marketing?

They are inbound and outbound marketing.

What is the strategy of the inbound marketing?

Its Attract, convert, close, then delight.

What is the strategy of the outbound marketing?

Television and radio ads and the outbound emailing.

What is the strategic management?

It is more of a whole system to control the curves your business is going through.

What is the strategy of small businesses?

Hire a small but professional team, work on the organic ways, learn from your competitors in the market, and target your customers.

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