Online Marketing

E-marketing is a modern science

Which became the most popular interest of world in the last period and became its rapid spread to the extreme degrees therefore became one of the ingredients for success in now a days .

If you thinking of starting a commercial activity traditionally , then the right conditions that must be applied are as the following :

  1. Goods or service that will be commercialized and then sell it after a study of the market that need them.
  2. Marketing mechanisms for the service or item , and ways to obtain the largest possible number of customers .
  3. How to maintain the success achieved by the possibility of expansion and development .

In addition to these main conditions there will be certainly other group of factors such as choosing the right place for your business and the Capital and other necessary actions that take up a large portion market studies and planning before starting your business .
I’m can’t say that the e-marketing or online marketing is largely different from traditional marketing as all the above conditions that already mentioned still essential for success in the marketing of any product or service on the internet , the main difference between the two marketing methods ( traditional and electronic ) lies in the shape and the way of execution .

And here are the most important methods used in e-marketing :

  1. E-Marketing through search engines (Search Engine Marketing)
  2. Marketing through advertising (Banners Advertising)
  3. Marketing using e-mails (E-mail Marketing)
  4. Marketing through sub-programs (Affiliate Marketing)
  5. Marketing propaganda using interactive (Interactive Marketing)