How to build backlinks with strategies that work

How to build backlinks with strategies that work

Building Backlinks are a major factor for ranking your website.

After auditing and optimizing your website structure, usability and crafting some high quality content, now it’s time for backlink building.

A backlink is simply when a webpage on a site links back to another webpage on another site.

It’s very similar to word of mouth but online, which fits along with inbound marketing strategy.

The backlinks that you will build won’t be equal, so here are the factors for the backlinks weight / authority :

  • Backlinks neighborhood, inbound links carries more weight and authority when it comes from a website in the same niche of yours.
  • The more the anchor text is related to your content and focused keyword, the more weight it will carry.
  • The text around the backlinks, the more related to your content, the better.
  • The number of external links on the page linking to yours.
  • The linking page authority
  • The linking domain authority

While building backlinks for your website you also need to keep in mind the following factors the affect your backlinks profile :

  • The diversity of the backlinks, get inbound links from multiple domains
  • Links per domain, keep the amount of links you get from a single domain fairly low.
  • Diversity of the anchor text, getting backlinks on the same exact anchor text would hurt your site and you might hear from the penguin update by Google !!
  • Keep your no-follow backlinks balanced with the do-follow links for a healthy backlinks profile.

Back in time it was all about the amount of backlinks you have, quality links didn’t matter much as long as the amount was fairly big.

Once Google penguin update jumped into the picture all the old black hat SEO link building is no longer working.

So here is how to build backlinks using strategies for your website that really works :

Reaching out / editorial links

Reaching out simply means you will contact the prospected sites and tell them about your content instead of waiting for them to find it.

The reaching out process has no step-by-step guide to follow or copy-paste template as it will result in a ton of copiers reaching out to site owners and at the end the result will be getting ignored by the owners.

This strategy involves reaching out and contacting the site owners on any outlet, by Email, Twitter, Facebook or whatever that suits the situation you have.

You will need to build a list of qualified websites that worth contacting.

Put down a list of websites that can use your website as a reference for their content and also related to your niche.

You don’t want to add your competitors to this list, however you can add the complementary sites that still related to your niche.

Also keep in mind that in some cases you will be contacting a direct competitors which will be a tough mission but a backlinks from their sites will be really valuable.

Check each site authority, that can be done by many tools and the most famous and effective tools are :

Now that you have crafted a list of qualified sites that worth contacting, you need to get the email and name of each website’s owner.

You can find the owner’s info at the about or the contact page if you lucky enough.

If not, search in the site header and footer, the site’s social outlets and if it all fails check the domain registration info by using a whois tools.

Now it’s time to craft the email to start contacting those site owners.

How to craft an outreach email :

  • They don’t know you, and your email mostly came out of nowhere to them, so the email’s subject is mainly used to encourage them to open the email
  • Don’t write down a long email, the email should be short and descriptive so make each word count and don’t waste much time on introducing yourself or your business
  • Show how you are familiar with and interested in their website and it’s content ( which you should )
  • Don’t be a cold sales person, I mean put yourself in the owner shoes, would you accept to link back to someone that only care about their business with no interest in your site ?
  • Encourage them to read your content which should be high quality and adds value to their audience
  • Offer them your high quality content and let them know what action could be taken towards it, would they link to it as resources?, is it a guide ?, should it add value to a certain article on their site ?
  • Don’t expect them all to respond to your email, but the chances can be increased by crafting better outreach email
  • Don’t be pushy but you still can send a follow up email and ask them if they have any questions

This strategy can be time consuming with a low success rate, but the backlinks gained from it does really worth the hustle.

Keep in mind that you building a reputation for yourself and your business in the industry so be careful with the emails you shooting out.

Once you start getting noticed in the industry, it will be much easier to outreach to the bloggers especially whom you contacted previously and responded.

Guest Posting

Simply this strategy is one of the most famous strategies around and tested for a very long time.

You can describe it as a way to offer a value to the site owner and in return you get a backlink for that.

However, this method has been strongly misunderstood as you will find it being used wrongly, like providing low quality, re-spined or copied content to get a backlink.

As mentioned before, building links is building up the reputation for your website, and I don’t think you want to show your website with low quality content.

The first step you need to do is to find the qualified sites in your niche that allows guest posting.

Here are some quick ideas to create a guest posting list in your niche :

1. Using twitter search :

Login to your twitter account and search for sites that has just published a guest post from like a week ago to make sure they still doing it.

You can use any of the following queries :

  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + guest article
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + guest author
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + guest post
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + write for us

2. Using Google :

Use the following queries :

  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “guest post guidelines”
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “submit a guest post”
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “write for us”
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “accepting guest posts”
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “guest author”
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “guest post”
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “guest post by”
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “guest articles”

While building up that list you need to determine which sites get a good interactions by its visitors.

Also the site quality, reputation and relevance are the top factors to filter out your list.

Also pick up the website owner that’s active on social media as that would increase the chance of promoting the content on the social media outlets.

You can also create your account and interact with My Guest Blog Forum which is a community of guest blogger that can really help you out.

Also keep in mind that you are not guest posting only for backlinks, you also branding yourself and making a name in your industry so definitely you need to pick up the right place for that.

After creating a good list of qualified guest posting sites, now it’s time to craft your posts and determine when to pitch it.

For each site you list, determine the sites content and check the following :

  • The level of audience they write to, is it intermediate, advanced ?
  • The type of their audience, is it B2C, B2B ?
  • The type of posts they mostly accept and share on their outlets
  • The type of guest bloggers they mostly accept over others

After defining that you will have clearer idea of what you need to offer them.

To get accepted more often, you need to be a familiar face in the blog community.

Sharing your blog posts on your own social outlets will give a good credibility to get known even more.

You should also build up a good relation with the site owners, you can even mention them while sharing the blog post they accepted from you on social media.

The best time to pitch for a guest post would be when the site owners advertise that they are looking for guest posts or when they have just published a guest post.

Best Practices for pitching a guest post :

  1. Read the guidelines : you need to follow their rules and understand their culture, your post will be published on their website to so you need to comply with the house rules.
    Also you need to know whether they want the article by email, send it in a form, or submitting it by signing up.
  2. If you sending an email to the site owner, make sure you personalize it, try to find the owner name from pages like the about page and add it in the email.
  3. Introduce yourself in the email and add why you should be accepted and also add the links of blog posts that were accepted from you elsewhere

How to submit a guest post and get it accepted :

  1. Don’t advertise !!! You should never advertise your product, service or your business in your blog post.
    It’s not about you, instead you should be delivering useful information and adding value to the readers.
    You can mention your business if it’s a relative example and fits the context of the content.
    You can also add your bio and business info in the bio section of the post.
  2. Format the post and make it look like it’s part of the site, you should take care of your guest post like it’s being posted on your own site.
    At the end, the post you deliver will define your name and reputation in the blog community.
  3. Include resources : linking to the resources you used for the guest post will enrich the reader, you can also link to related products or services, but again not in a self promoting way
  4. Include internal links : show the owners that you closely know their content by linking to webpages on their site that’s relative to your post and enriches the information delivered by the post.
    You can use intitle:keyword.
    To get to related links on the owner’s website to what you writing about
  5. Encourage the readers to comment which will create a good interaction with your post, and also reply to the comments with more relative information

How to create an outstanding guest blogger bio :

At your bio section explain who you are and your blog achievement, at the end you’re branding yourself in the blog industry.

Add your business link, describe clearly who you are, your blogging achievements and add your social accounts plus encourage the readers to contact you on them too.


Quora is an online community that’s based on helping people out by answering their questions.

You can get backlinks and direct visits from quora to your website, however you need to keep in mind it wasn’t built for that.

Instead of jumping to quora for backlinks and visits, focus on helping people out and build up a name for yourself.

The same rules always apply, the more authority you build and the more value you deliver, the more buzz you will get.

The first thing you need to do is fill up your profile information :

  1. Add a good profile picture
  2. Add your bio, explain more about yourself but don’t be salesy, you building up a name and reputation before anything else
  3. Add your social accounts
  4. Fill up the other information like your employment, education and location
  5. Select the topics of your interest

Now it’s time to find relative questions to answer, which will build your personal credibility, bring in traffic from quora and building backlinks.

So here is how to get to find a good question to answer :

  • Find a relative topic in your niche with a fair amount for followers
  • In those topics, find questions with a good amount of followers

You can start answering those questions only when :

  1. It’s within the area of for expertise
  2. You can really add value to the question’s answer
  3. You have content that can answer that question in your blog, however sometimes you can skip this rule if you think that your answer will be helpful even if you don’t link to your site

You should only put a backlink to your blog only when it’s relative and adds value to your answer and gets along with the answer’s context.

Again, don’t get too salesy and don’t self promote yourself or your business.

Building up reputation is what really matters when it comes to quora, helping people out will build up a name for you in the blogosphere.


Sharing ideas by visualizing it using some catchy graphics is a great way that everybody love.

In a nutshell, you can create a good looking infographic that describes the idea clearly and just offer it as a guest post with a unique description each time that can really add value to the site owner.

Or submit it to the infographics outlets and sharing sites :

Your infographic doesn’t have to go viral for this to get to work, even the price of making one doesn’t have to be expensive either, it’s all about the idea in the graphics you share.

Google+ Profile

Google+ allows you to have a contextual do-follow link, but you have be logged out to check that link as do follow.

while writing your profile bio/description you can have your website link on a keyword.

You also have your website as a site that you contribute to.

However, you will need to put in work in mentioning your Google + profile link, directly linking back to it and having some good interactions on your profile will make that link count a good weight.

404 links

Getting backlinks from broken links / 404 on other websites is a straightforward strategy to get quality links.

First you will need to find pages of websites with broken links, the most famous pages with that criteria is the resources pages.

Resources pages are mostly normal webpages on websites that list down links with mostly a bit of description.

Finding those pages won’t be hard, simply you can use Google itself to search for it by using the following queries :

  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “recommended sites”
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “resource page”
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “links”
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] + “resources”

Those are just sample queries that you can use, but you can use whatever query on Google that you think it would work better for you.

Once you find the targeted webpages and created a list of them, now it’s time to find out if they have broken links.

One of the most famous tools to figure that out is the chrome extension check my links.

After making sure of the broken links existence on each page, strip out the pages that don’t have any and list down each broken link on the reset of them,

Now it’s time to contact the owner of the site.

Again like any outreach strategy, begging to the site owner for a backlink mostly won’t work and might even build up bad reputation for you and your website.

For outreaching, try to add some value to the owner by providing the broken links on the pages on his website and also show him the quality content you have on your which can enrich his audience.

Leave it up to the site owner to decide if your website link is good enough to have it on his/her website.

Since you should be already delivering quality content through your website to your audience, I bet you will get a good quality links from those site owners.

If you were that website owner, you mostly would change a broken link on your website with a link of a related quality content offered by someone made a good research and helped you to figure those broken link on your website.


Forum is an old way for having online community, before the social media it was conquering the internet like literally !!

After the social media came up it held most of the online community market share and forums almost totally faded away.

Most of the left forums are either offering low quality content or even spammy.

However you still can find a few quality forums that offer valuable content to their visitors.

You will need to look for the quality forums in your niche and start interacting with their audience.

Let’s start first by finding forums in your niche.

How to Find Relevant forums

  • [Your Niche / Keyword] inurl:/community
  • [Your Niche / Keyword] inurl:/forum

If you looking for governmental or educational forums you can add “” of “” to your query.

Now after coming up with the list, check and filter them out like how we did previously.

After filtering and preparing the list of quality forums in your niche, now it’s time to start interacting with its audience.

How to get quality backlinks from authoritative forums :

  • List down the most commented posts
  • List down the hot topics that grabs the forum’s audience attention
  • Check how the forum’s audience like to write about your selected topics
  • Customize and fill your bio section with useful information and your picture
  • Build up your reputation in the forum’s community by delivering quality content
  • You can link back to your site in your posts when it’s relevant and again don’t self promote your business in a cold way.
  • Reply to the comments you get on your posts
  • Reply to the others posts with useful information


Think of the link building process as how you build the reputation for your website.

It’s the same way of spreading the words out and getting heard.

Reaching out to the website owners in your niche will build your name in the blog community, plus at the end humans are social creatures.

Never beg for a backlinks in your reaching out email as it mostly won’t work, instead offer a reason to get a link back to your valuable quality content.

Whatever strategy you will use, always focus on the value that your content adds up to the reader.

And always keep in mind that high quality content is a straightforward strategy to get quality backlinks.

Now it’s your turn to make a reputation for your website, If you tried any of those strategies or even other ones, I would be more than happy to know about your experience.

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