How to Build SEO Marketing Strategy For Your Business

How to Build SEO Marketing Strategy For Your Business

To start optimizing your website and busting out your content, first you need to come up with a strategic plan to get things done the right way, I will start by explaining a short version of the steps to follow for optimizing your website and get it found online.

Each step will have a dedicated article to explain it in depth :

Understand the main purposes of your website

Whether you have a website or not, you need to understand why you need that website in the first place, what are the main purposes and goals of having it, decide which value this website will offer to the visitors.

You also need to understand if it will be providing information only ? Promoting products or services ? Or maybe it will provide both to the website’s consumer.

Understand your targeted audience

After understanding and deciding what the website will be offering, now you need to understand your targeted audience to optimize your website for them, you need to know the language they speak, gender, location, interests and the entire demographics that will help you communicate with them.

You should segment your targeted audience as that will allow to optimize for each segment and each need differently.

Study your targeted market and leverage your SWOT analysis.

Before jumping into the market you need to study your weaknesses to fix them and strengths to improve them.

Your top priority will be knowing and studying your competitors, to understand the opportunities you can have to make use of them and the threats you’re currently facing to be prepared for them.

By studying your competitors you will be able to have a clearer idea of the market, the clients/consumers and the competition that your will face.

Audit your website

You need to audit and test all your website parts and code before starting your marketing work, obviously you need to get your website ready for the incoming visitors.

Check the code or the website for any bugs or hidden issues and make sure it’s friendly for the search engine’s spiders, you can use some help of a developer for that.

Check your website speed and usability and make sure it’s easy for the visitors to reach and find the information they looking for when they browse it.

If you don’t have a website yet, make sure to avoid the above issues while building it.

Keyword research and content Marketing

After coming up with a clear vision for your market and goals, now its time to build up your content that will be used to reach clients through all the available digital marketing channels from social media marketing, SEO marketing, email marketing and even the offline marketing.

Keyword research is the process of analyzing what people are looking for and what is the competition for that specific keyword, keep in mind that due to google updates “Hummingbird Update 2013” you will be optimizing for the searcher intent not for the keyword itself.

Creating unique quality content is the heart of the SEO marketing, make sure each piece of content you publish on your website adds value to the reader.

Optimize the pages of your products and service and make each page descriptive and relevant in a way that can satisfy the consumer need and intent.

Backlink building strategies

Backlinks are the set of links on other websites linking to yours, think of the backlinks of your website as how people are talking about you or the state of your website’s reputation.

Backlinks play a huge role in ranking your website in the SERP “ Search Engine Result Pages” by Google’s algorithm.

Your backlinks building strategy must be done in a natural way without manipulating the Search engines otherwise your website will be flagged as a spam.


To have a get found online you need to optimize your website and deliver quality content for your targeted audience.

Start by understanding the main goals of your business, website or blog, and define the image you want for it online.

Understand your targeted audience, study your market and competitors to have a clear idea about the competition you will face.

Define your weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats to build up a strategic plan to go to the market.

Audit your website and make sure it’s easy to use and navigate, fix any problems with the code and make it friendly to the search bots as well.

Create your content that can add value to your consumers upon a keywords research.

Follow a backlinks building strategy that works then best for your business model and leverage the use of social media marketing.

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