Intro To Digital Marketing

Intro To Digital Marketing

Whether you’re working as a full-time employee, part time, freelancer, or running your own business; it’s no brainer that making a profit is what’s running the show.

Having that’s said, ROI is a best metric to represent the status of any business.

ROI stands for “Return on Investment”, which is how much profits you making for how much you’re spending.

Running a business is meant to have the highest profit possible, which means selling your products or services to your customers at a profit.

That’s ROI again!

You always want to get the best profits margin out of your investment in creating, marketing, and selling your offering to your customers.

So, what’s marketing?

Well, if you search around, you will find many definitions for that, however if you dig deeper, you will get the sense that marketing is actually everything!

starting from promoting and selling your product and services to how are you deal with your customers, how you’re handling your past and your coworkers, to the most of your daily relationships activities.

Difference between marketing and sales
So basically is about promoting, attracting, and long-term keeping loyal customers, while selling is about closing the deal and getting things sold.

Understanding and meetings customers needs
As a marketers, you’re meant to deeply understand your target customers needs, that’s crucial step to help you in branding and promoting your offering.

Understanding the customers behavior is also crucial for your marketing efforts, that would also affect your entire marketing strategy and efforts.

You always need to reach out to your customers where they at.

And understand their daily activity helps you knowing which method marketing channel and which methodology is best to reach them out.

Conventional Marketing VS. Digital Marketing

The term conventional is given to any old method or a regularly used methods.

Conventional Marketing is types of promotions we used to see in the past, and still can see some of them in practical life currently.

For example, you still can find conventional promotional methods like, T.V. ads, Outdoor Banners, Flyers, ads in magazine and journals, and god-forbid cold calls promotions.

The main issues with conventional Marketing are targeting and communication.

It’s mostly a one way communication, for instance, TV ads, you can only watch it, but you can’t interact or respond to it at all.

So it’s one way of delivering a message to your customers, but they won’t be able to give a feedback, or communicate with your message.

Unless they grab their phones and call your business in the ads if there’s any.

Also targeting in conventional marketing is real tough.

You can’t really have a clear idea about the behaviour and interests of who’s watching your TV ads or your outdoor ads.

Of course you can have slight idea that can help you out with conventional promotions to some extent.

Digital Marketing

It’s not a new marketing, it’s just a new way of applying the same old marketing concepts.

It became revolutionary as it could solve the main issues of the conventional methods.

You can get better targeting and way easier 2-way communication with your customers.

Examples of digital marketing is so obvious for computers and smartphone users.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a lot more platform are now being utilized for marketing purposes.

Also ads platforms like Google Ads (including YouTube, Google Search, and GDN), and other channels like SEO, and Email Marketing are also being utilized for branding and promotion purposes.

These are just small examples of digital marketing channels and methods.

So all these channels allows you to connect, communicate with your customers.

You can also send them targeted marketing messages on the time time and the channel that you find best for your business.

So categorizing the most famous Digital Marketing channels can be as the following:

Social Media Marketing


Facebook is one of most famous social media platforms around the globe.

It’s mostly used by younger ages ( 13 to 30s ).

It’s really a good fit when you’re selling products and services to a client which is called B2C “business to client”.

According to my personal experience, I’ve found really helpful with targeting younger ages or clients rather than selling to businesses.

The platform is super famous in USA for sure, and multiple other countries in Europe.

It’s also really famous in Egypt, but it doesn’t have the fame in Arab gulf.

To use Facebook for marketing and business purposes, you gonna need to have a Facebook personal account first.

Then with the person account you can create the following:

  • Page
  • Group
  • App
  • Event
  • Offer

Typically, businesses create Facebook Page to represent themselves, brand, communicate, and promote their offering to third target audience on Facebook.


It’s almost the same like Facebook (it’s was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for 1B USD).

However, it’s more effective with product or service that can be packed up with visuals.

Like Fast Food, clothes, flowers, gifts, tourism, etc..

Instagram only offers normal account and business account, however you can have entities like facebook page for instance.

For business purposes, you gonna need an Instagram business account to run your ads and analysis data.

Instagram is super famous in USA for sure.

In Egypt and Arab gulf too.


Twitter is famous in USA for sure.
Also in Arab gulf and other countries.

But not that famous in Egypt.

It can be used for B2C and have also shown fair results with selling to other businesses B2B ( business to business)

But you can only represent your business with a Twitter account only.


Pretty much similar to Facebook, but for business.

So you can have a personal account and then inside it you can have:

Company page

It’s a great fit for B2B. And B2C in class A level.

Really famous in USA, and many EU and Asian countries.

Also famous in Arab Gulf, but somewhat famous in Egypt.


Mostly famous in the US, and most of the users are females.

Same rules of visuals representation of Instagram can be applied to Pinterest too.

Google Ads

Google Ads platform include a main 3 platforms:

It’s a video platform that’s almost famous anywhere in the globe.

You can have your Channel to represent your business and run ads to reach more audience.

Google Search
You can reach more audience through ads being shown to searches on Google.

So your ads can be shown in the search results.

Google search engine is nearly famous anywhere in the world too.

GDN ( Google Display Network )
It’s a network of over 2 million websites and mobile apps that’s subscribed to Google AdSense network.

You can advertise on that network through Google Ads platform too.

Email Marketing

It can be used for both B2B and B2C.

However, it tends to be more effective with B2B.

It can be seen in many forms, like the email you get after purchasing a product that offers you another complementary product that can be bought.

Of offers from business you’ve connected with.

SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )

It contains both paid and organic methods.

The organic part is SEO, which is search engine optimization.

It requires some work on the website of your business to appear in the search results whenever someone is looking for certain words with certain intent.

Search Ads
It’s paying the search engines platform to your website in the search results for intended words whenever someone is searching for it.

For example, Google Search Ads.

Digital Marketing offers a wide range of jobs, and they’re all available in full-time, part-time, and freelance.

Digital Marketing Job hierarchy:

  • CEO
    • VP/CMO
    • Digital Marketing Manager
      • SM Manager
        • SM moderator
        • Graphic Designer
        • Video Editor
        • Copywriter
        • Ads manager
      • Content Marketing Manager
        • Content writer
        • Graphic Designer
        • SEO specialist
        • Video Editor
      • Copywriter
      • Conversion optimizer
      • PPC Specialist

That’s just a quick overview of the hierarchy of digital marketing jobs, however in real world it might be a bit different.

As you might some job titles that includes multiple responsibilities of what I’ve described above.

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