Optimizing your business Facebook page

Optimizing your business Facebook page

Whether you have just created your Facebook business page or looking for optimizing it, you need to pay attention to the configuration you sat.

Facebook gives you the ability to have your own shop on the page or integrate it with your website’s store among other features.

The core benefit of having a social media outlet for your business to have is to have 2-way communication with your customers.

Basically, one of the main benefits of digital marketing, in general, is the ability to listen to your customers instead of just keep showing them generally targeted promotions.

You need to represent your business properly across the digital outlets you’re using for marketing.

If you’re selling products or services then it’s best to get your Facebook business page aligned with that.

Adding shop to Facebook page

shop on facebook page

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Steps to add a shop tab on your Facebook page:

How to add a shop to facebook page

From the page settings, choose templates and tabs, then add the shop tab from the bottom button saying “Add Tab

If it’s already added before then you can go ahead and use it.

You can also drag the tabs to order them.

The next step is to add your products, navigate to your Facebook page, on the left side click on shop and if it’s not shown then click on “show more” arrow first.

Once you’re on the shop page, click on add product, fills the need info and click save.

You set the product on sale if you activate the on sale option and then insert the sale price.

You can also add multiple options for the product with different attributes like color, flavor, etc.

Also each variable option you add to the product can have its own price.

You also have the option to add collection and then assign the products to the appropriate collection.

For instance, if you have a clothing shop, you could create a T-shirt collection and then add all the t-shirts products to it, and then another pair of jeans collection with all the jeans products assigned to it, and so on.

Collections also can be featured to be shown on the top of the shop section of your Facebook Page.

Adding services to your Facebook Page

Again from the template tabs in the settings of the page, add the service tab it’s not already added. Exactly like how I’ve explained in the shop.

Navigate to your Facebook Page, click on the services tab and then click on add service.

Fill the service name, description and price then click save.

Facebook Page Templates

If you don’t want to keep adding the tabs by yourself, you can choose one of the readymade templates by Facebook and use it.

Different templates come with a different set of tabs and options so choose the closest one to your business needs.

Page Notifications

Set the auctions on the page that you need to be notified about, and the way you want to be notified, by SMS, email or normal Facebook notifications.

Make sure you don’t miss the important actions taken by customers, you never which one was ready to convert into a paying customer.

matter fact, you never miss a chance with contacting a customer, even old delighted customers can be a marketer for your business and for free.

Managing messages on your page

The faster response rate to your customers ensures better customer experience and more deals to close.

Facebook allows you to have an automated response to each customer message even when you are away, however you need to customize these messages.

To reach out to your messages options move to the settings tab and then from the left column choose messaging.

In the response assistant section, you can have a default message that anyone will message your page receive whether you are online or not.

The automated message can have an added personalization, as you can have a greeting to the customer in his full name first name or last name.

You can also have some of your own data inserted in the message, for instance, you can have your page phone, website, or email among other information.

When you are away from your phone or computer you can leave a message to your customers to let them know when to expect your response.

You can also have a default greetings karma so it’s time someone messaging you they will have exactly the same greeting whether you are online or not.

And the appointment messaging section if you turn on the option then you will allow Facebook to send a reminder to the customer for the date of the appointment that was set on the messages.

Also in the general settings, you can have the messages box to pop up each time someone opens your page.

You can also have the frequently asked questions on the messages so your customer can click on one of the questions and it by you and gave the answer right away.

If you would like to have Facebook Messenger on your website then from the messenger platform tab scroll down to messenger plug-in and then take that code and paste it to your website.

so each time someone visits your website the messenger box will pop up and they can message you through Facebook Messenger.

The previous step might need a little bit of knowledge of how to manage your website and might need a little bit of coding knowledge as well.

Setting page roles

facebook admin roles

To assign the new members to your page or edit an already added one, navigate the page roles tab on the left column in page settings.

You can choose one of the predefined Rules by Facebook

  • Admin, That role has all the permission to literally do anything with the page, from publishing posts, ads, replying to comments and messages, to assigning page roles.
  • Editor, pretty much the same as the admin, but without the permission to assign page roles.
  • Moderator, it can respond to comments and messages on Facebook and Instagram but cannot publish posts or ads.
  • Advertiser, it can only publish ads on your Facebook page.
  • Analyst, it can only view insights of the page but cannot edit, publish, or reply to messages.

So make sure when you add someone as admin that you trust that person as you might get removed from the admin list and you will no longer be able to have control over your page.

You can also have a business Facebook account and claim your page, to protect it from being taken over by another admin.

Linking groups to your page

You can link multiple groups to your page, navigate to tabs and then add groups tab if it wasn’t added.

Now from your page click on the groups tab on the left, and add your groups.

That allows to you interact with the group on as a page or as yourself, and also make easier for your page’s users to find your linked groups through the groups tab.

Other settings to optimize on your page

Branded content 

You can assign pages as approved so they can tag your page on the posts and promoted posts as well.

That can be used with other pages that you have a deal with or sponsorship that can promote both of your businesses.

You can also block other pages from tagging your page.

Managing banned pages and users on your page

You can manage banned users and pages from your page from the people and pages tab on the settings of your page.


You can add other pages so they can be allowed to publish your crossposting videos.

Activity log

You can also check the activities being done on your pages by clicking on the activity light tap on the left column on settings of your page.

Page support box

You can check all the support messages from Facebook for your page on this tab.

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