Representing Your Business on Facebook

Representing Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is one of the crucial social media platforms to represent your business. With more than 2.1 billion users monthly.

The amount of potential customers you can reach out to is huge, especially when your business is a B2C.

So typically you would create a Facebook page of your business to connect with your customers, as a 2-way communication.

However, you still able to create one of the following to utilize Facebook:

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Personal Account
  • Facebook App
  • Facebook Event

Facebook Personal Account

Basically, to interact or create anything on Facebook, you need to create a personal account first.

Personal Account allows you to connect with people on Facebook as a connected friend, so you can post various posts on your wall, and also like, comment, share, mention, and tag others.

It’s also essential to create a Facebook page, group, app or event.

So basically, if you want to represent your business on Facebook using a page or group, you need to create a Facebook personal account first.

Facebook Business Page

It allows you to represent your business officially on Facebook.

Connect with your customers, receive their feedback in a form of messages or reviews on the page, comments, and intersections on your page’s posts.

Just like the personal account, the page got its own posts area (wall) where you can post engaging posts, promote your business products or services, and stay connected with your customers.

You can also run proportional advertisements using Facebook Ads to promote your products or services.

So how to create a Facebook page?

You’ll need to be logged in first to your personal account, which by default will be assigned as the admin of the page you’re creating.

  1. From top right, Click Create, select Page.
  2. Then choose the type of business you want to represent on Facebook, choose from corporates, brand, community, or a public figure.
  3. Choose the correct category that represents your business, if you can’t find the category you’re looking for, then choose the closest one.
  4. Fill up the need information according to the type of business you’ve chosen in the previous step.

how to create facebook page

brand or public figure

fill the page info

Note: Insert your correct business name in the name field while filling up the needed info, as it’s going to be such a headache to change later.

After filling up all the needed information, click next and it will take you to your created new page.

It will look exactly like this:

Profile Picture

profile pic

The next thing you need to do is to change the page’s profile pic, you would mostly add your business logo.

Make sure you add it in the recommended size of 180px X 180px.

Make sure the pic you upload will look good when Facebook crops it to a circle, and it will be also resized to 40px circle as well.

To change or add a new profile pic:

  1. Hover on the profile pic area
  2. Click on the pic icon that will pop up
  3. Choose upload photo from the drop-down menu
  4. Upload your pic or choose from what’s uploaded previously
  5. After uploading the pic, the Facebook pic editor will allow you to modify it a bit, to crop, rescale, filter, or add text on the pic.

The profile pic will be shown with anything published by your page, shared, commented, and also on search results.

Cover photo


The cover photo can be used to promote your products or services, and also to promote your brand.

You can regularly change it to stay connected with your customers during each occasion, or each time you have an offer.

Facebook also allows you to add a video or a slideshow.

The recommended size for the cover photo is 820px X 312px.

For cover video, it’s recommended to upload it with the size of 820px X 462px, and with a duration of 20 to 90 seconds.

Call To Action Button

call to action button

The call to action button allows people on your page to take action, like calling you, book an appointment, or sign up among other many options.

You can choose the name or text on the button and the action is taken when it’s clicked.

The CTA button will appear on the search results when your page appears on it as well.

CTA options on the Facebook page:

1. Book with you

It has the option of the book now button, and when you click next to choose an action, you will be giving 3 options:

  • Appointments on Facebook, so your customers can book an appointment with your business directly through Facebook and also receive a reminder for it.
  • Link To Website, you will need to insert a link of your website where the customer can book an appointment, of course, you will need to set up your website first to have that booking ability.
  • Booker, it’s a dedicated platform for booking appointments with POS features.

2. Contact you

  • Contact us, you will need to put the link of the contact us page on your website.
  • Send a message, messages will go straight to your page inbox.
  • Call now, you will be asked to insert the phone number of your business, if the customer opens your page through the Facebook mobile app, once the button clicked the phone dialer to pop up and do the call directly, otherwise, the phone number you’ve inserted will just show up.
  • Sign up, you are going to add the signup link on your Website.
  • Send an email, you will be asked to insert the email address of your business.

3. Learn more about your business

  • Watch Video, either upload a video directly to Facebook or insert the link of an external video.
  • Learn more, add your website link.

4. Shop with you or make a donation

  • Shop now, add a link of your website shop as an external link or choose Facebook page shop to direct the customer to the shop tab on your page.
  • See Offers, direct your customers to the offer tab on your page.

5. Download your app or play your game

  • Download the app, insert the download link of your app.
  • Play the game, insert the link of the game.

6. Join your community

  • Visit group, select one of the groups linked to your page.

Vanity Url


it’s the actual link of your Facebook page, which you insert in the web browser like Google Chrome, for instance, to open the page directly.

To change the @username of your page, click on @username under the profile pic on your page, then insert the username you want tonne on the page’s URL.

Make sure you choose the proper URL for the page as you won’t be able to change it.

Update: you can now easily change the vanity URL as you want, but there is more restriction now on change the page name.

Changing Facebook Page Settings

General Tab

General Tab

To change the settings of your Facebook page, click on the settings tab on the top bar.

Page visibility

By default, your page is set to published so anyone can access it and interact with your page.

However, if you want to temporarily unpublish your page, choose the setting “Page Unpublished”.

unpublishing your page won’t permanently delete it, but just won’t make it available for other users.

You can reset your page to published again anytime you want and there is no limitation on how many times you can switch your page between published and unpublished status.

Visitors Posts

You can choose between:

  • Allow visitors to the Page to publish posts, to allow visitors to publish posts to be shown on the other posts column, but won’t be published as a normal page post, you can also review the posts first and disallowed photo and video content.
  • Disable posts by other people on the Page, to disallowed other visitors to posts.

Post and Story Sharing

By default this option is enabled to allow Facebook users to share all the content of your page, you uncheck to disable that.

Audience Optimization for Posts

It’s disabled by default, but if you enable that option.

If you enable this option, you will have a restriction and targeting while posting content on your page, so you get to choose who to see your page’s content, by age, location, language, etc.


It’s turned on by default to allow users to send messages to your page and also allow the message box to be shown.

If you turn this off, no one will be able to message your page, and all posts with the message button will be hidden.

Tagging Ability

It’s turned on by default, so people can tag the photos and videos of the page.

And of course, you can turn it off by unchecking the option and click save.

Others tagging this page

It’s allowed by default, and it allows other Facebook users and pages to tag your page.

And you can turn this option off.

Page Location For effect

Allows Facebook users to check-in your business page address

Country Restriction

Restricts the page to be accessible from certain countries or hide it from only certain countries.

Age Restriction

Restricting the page to a certain age.

Page Moderation

Blocking certain offensive words or phrases, separated by commas.

Profanity Filter

Setting it from off, medium, or high, allows Facebook to automatically filter the most reported offensive words by the community.

Similar pages suggestions

Turns the ability on or off to show your page on other similar pages in the related pages section.

Page updates

Allows Facebook to create an automatic post each time you change your page information, reach a milestone, getting a review on the page, etc.

Post in multiple languages

It’s turned off by default, but if you turn it on, you will the ability to post the same post with multiple languages, so different users with different languages with seeing the version of the post that suits them.

It’s not an automated translation, and you will define the default language the post was written in, and then for another language you want to add, you will need to add the post copy by yourself.

When you turn this option on, you won’t really need to offer each post in multiple languages each time you post, but the option will be there in the posting box if you need to use it.

Translate automatically

Allows Facebook to add the translation button underneath your posts, if the user clicks it, Facebook will of an automated translation of the post to the user.

Comment Ranking

By default, Facebook orders the comments by the most relative comment on top, however, if you want to change it to order by the latest instead, then you can turn this option on.

Content Distribution

If you turn this on, Facebook users won’t be able to download the videos uploaded by you.

Download Page

Downloads a copy of the page’s info, photos, etc.

Merge pages

Allows to merge pages together, Facebook added more restrictions on merging pages than before.

Remove page

Permanently removes your page, after that, you won’t be able to restore it back after the 14 days period.

Page Info Tab

Page Info Tab

You can add all the essential page’s info in this tab, which includes the page’s description, categories, phone number, website, email, mission, company overview, founded year, and address.

You can also check the option of “located in another place” if your business is actually inside of another building like a mall or a food court.

In the hours’ section, you choose between:

  • Open in selected hours, then add the open hours per each day and you can also you can add multiple open hours during each day.
  • Always open
  • No hours available
  • Permanently closed

Make sure you update your business page’s available hours each time you change, especially during national vacations for good customer experience with your business.

In the additional details section, you can check the options of:

  • My business sells goods or services online.
  • This Page represents a corporate office or headquarters.

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