The complete guide to become a successful freelancer

Freelancing, a very trendy word, you heard it before? Do you know what it means? You heard about shifting to a freelance career? Probably heard about freelancers, those people who work for their own? Can you really make a living with freelancing full-time? How?

Answering the above questions plus a complete guide to become a successful freelancer and depending on freelancing as a main source of income will be covered in our “Complete guide for a successful freelancing career”.

First, let me introduce you to what freelancing means, it simply means working as your own boss, setting your set of offered services and prices, choosing your target market and handling the entire process of delivering your service to the client.

Sometimes people get misled a bit by the word “free” in the “freelance” term, they might think it’s a kind of working for free which is completely wrong as the freelancer is the person who works without a full-time employee as he is his own boss already, so he is a kind of self-employed that’s running as a full organization to deliver the service to the client.

Since now you have a gentle introduction to the freelance world, next is to know if it does really work as a full-time job and a source of income, where to get started and how to build a successful freelance career, all that plus more will be covered in this series, so let’s get started :

Your Guide for a successful freelance career :

Episode 1: Getting Started With Your Freelancing Career

Episode 2: Get More Freelance Jobs

Episode 3: How to write a killer cover letter

I’m currently working on the next episodes for your successful freelance career, stay tuned!