Web Development

History of the Web

Since the mid-nineties web industry has become one of the fastest growing industries on a global level , in 1995 there were in the United States Not less than a thousand company specialized in developing websites , but by 2005 there were more than thirty thousand company specializing in this field in the United States alone .
Add to that the cost of developing websites and hosting decreased at a fast pace , At the beginning to create a site had to pay thousands of dollars while the user now i s able to develop its own for free using one of the tools to build sites , such as those offered by Google and others, At the present days smaller companies are able to develop its own sites on the Internet and also able to enter the market and provide services to small businesses and individuals , which is a motivation for the growth of this industry in earnest .

Order your desired website functionality :

One of the worst fears of the clients is the back-end interface of the site and how he/she will control the site or add the content to it , well all my projects is delivered with a super friendly GUI which allows the clients to add or modify anything in the site without any knowledge of the programming language as its all Drag & Drop interface which so easy to deal with or handle it.

Now you can just order all your online website functionality with all the visualizations and imaginations you want and i will just make your dream come true .